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Registered Nurse (RN)

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Health Care Aides

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Rural Nursing 


They are needed in the Northern part of Manitoba wherein you can get a feel of the trifling civic environment. You have the chance to see the other side of city living that you've never thought of or imagine








Emergency Room RN's/LPN's

Have the chance to be of service to patients who are critically ill or injured and that needs quick attention. There's a vast opportunity that you can bring in this department

Intensive Care Unit/ Acute CareRN's

Always available for ICU nurses in MB. Experts in this area, we have it available for you! 

While at work you've got the chance to visit and experience different parts of Canada

Labor & Delivery (L&D) 

From North to South new infants are coming in! Active babies live!  Let's witness and welcome the newborn by assisting Pediatricians and OB-Gynecologists. Love kids and expert on this.  Join the team! Locations in different parts of Canada. 


Capable to assist during both repetitive and tough surgical procedures. Assisting surgeons in life-saving procedures. This job is right for you!