A long term cost-effective staffing solution

We strive to provide the best service to our clients, as a result, we find an integrated
approach to staffing to be the best result for our clients. With this approach, we’re able to


Stable staffing environment (2.5-3 year contracts) with competent, and adaptable staff

Provide an integrated and robust pipeline of all legal, immigration, and integration


Ability to cover all areas of nursing (including but not limited to, specialties such as ICU,
ER, OR, Dialysis, N

All of our nurses are EB3 current (Worker Permanent Residence Visa / Green Card), and
ready for deployment within a 3-12 months window.


Recruitment Strategy and Time Scale


We’re employing a very scalable recruiting strategy allowing us to service facilities of
varying sizes. We’re ready to provide anywhere from a small 5 bed long term care facility to
a tertiary centre. We have a strong established nurse recruiting network in The Philippines,
Southern Asia, and North Africa. This network allows to tap into the most qualified and
skilled labour pools, to meet your demands for healthcare professionals within a 3-12
month period.



Connect With Us

Connect With Us

Generous pay and benefit and the chance to see and experience American culture