Be A Travel Nurse

Why I choose to be a Travel Nurse?

When asked, "I think I have found my niche!"

It is a career that can best fit your talent, skills and gives you the opportunity to excel.

Travel Nursing is not only about being able to travel. It’s about meeting new friends, other

professionals and furthering your career. It widens your horizons. It can be a great way to travel with friends and colleagues, see the beauty of our very own province,and make a difference in rural communities. If it were not for travel nurses, many places would be

lacking qualified, skilled health professionals.

We make a difference in countless lives, including the lives of the nurses doing the traveling. It can be the perfect adventure! It enhances and develops your nursing skills. You will get to work in some of the remote facilities in the province allowing you to gain a unique perspective based on the multiple locations worked. Working with other dedicated health professionals, you will be able to gain experience that is only accessible through travel nursing.

The challenge of being able to work creatively, and being resourceful is always there if you're up for it. The pay is great! Because certain areas of the province are in such high demand for qualified nurses, you will typically receive competitive wages that can be more than a full-time permanent employee. Flexibility of schedule is one of the benefits that attracted me most. You can pick and choose your own schedule. Go for a holiday whenever you choose or work as much as you want! There are always shifts available. The travel nursing adventure is a great way to explore the province while doing what you love. We have travel assignments all over Manitoba, so whether your thing is sunny beaches or snowy hills, watching the perfect sunset (which is my favorite ) or seeing the wildlife, we

have the assignment for you!

Free accommodation is included in the package and is always close to where you work.

Travel nursing is not for everyone. It is a career for those who are brave, confident, up for an

adventure and new challenges. It takes a lot of confidence to deliver your ultimate best! You also have to be confident to drive to the locations in all weather conditions.

If you are a nurse who's up to try a challenging and very rewarding career, able to work with minimum supervision, can work under pressure in an unfamiliar environment and has exceptional interpersonal skills to work with diverse group of health professionals, then this career can be right for you.

But how will you know if you will not try?

Maybe you will discover the hidden strength in you and the confidence to get out of your comfort zone. Unless you try something different, you may never know!

Join us.

Travel with us.

Work with us.

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