Healthcare Professionals


Registered Nurse:

Regular Shift:                     CAD$ 46 - CAD$ 50/hour

Overtime & Stat Holiday: CAD$ 65- CAD$75/hour

 *Plus per diem and travel allowance

Licensed Practical Nurse:

Regular Shift:                     CAD$ 35 - CAD$ 40/hour

Overtime & Stat Holiday: CAD$ 53- CAD$57/hour

 *Plus per diem and travel allowance

Health Care Aide

Regular Shift:                     CAD$ 18 - CAD$ 20/hour

Overtime & Stat Holiday: CAD$ 30/hour

 *Plus per diem and travel allowance

Our clients come to us because we provide them with competent and qualified professionals who would fit their demands in healthcare facility needs


We offer the most competitive pay rates in the industry.




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